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Welcome to my art adventure friends. Years of experience eventually led me here. With a unique artistic voice and a versatile and evocative exploration of our world's color palette, I strive to grow and inspire others through inventive and experimental work. Click here to explore the insanity that is my work

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Story of An Artist

My name is Rodd Diaz, and I am a self made artist based in the Annapolis, Maryland area who strives to provide intrigue  through my visions and art for all my patrons. hopes to expand knowledge and creative expertise across all  my endeavors. I am committed to providing clients with the best possible level of quality art that I can produce, to share an experience through artistic expression.

like the ones only I can see through my eyes and artistic soul.


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Tattoo Etiquette

A user friendly approach to  receiving a tattoo.


Finding the right artist,

and the secrets to being the perfect client.

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